What to Expect At Your Gynecologist Appointment


Your health is a very important thing to look at and, if you aren’t going to specialists when you need to do so, your chances of having big health problems can go up exponentially. How are you supposed to ensure that your body stays healthy and that you prevent issues?

Going to a gynecologist like cfvanderloos.com is a good idea if you’re a woman of any age. It’s important to be sure that you’re doing as much as you can in terms of preventing your health and taking care of current problems, and a gynecologist can be one of your best allies in this fight.

If you’ve never been to a gynecologist before, you may be trying to sort out what it is that you may expect from it. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that you’ll be doing in your first appointment.

Questions Related to Your Health and Sexual Activities

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The first thing that will happen is that your gynecologist will sit down and chat with you about your physical health and whether or not you’re sexually active. This may feel awkward to talk about at first, but as you get more comfortable, you’ll realize you’re not being judged. Your gynecologist has likely heard it all before, and they want to know so that they can help you to prevent problems and stay healthy.

Various Exams

After you work out the details of your current health, you’re then going to go through the testing that you may need to get done as a part of the appointment that you’ve scheduled. You will always have a short, general physical exam to make sure that your body is healthy. Then, you are likely to get an external genital exam in order to see if there are any problems that can be seen. Sometimes, you may also have a PAP smear and STI exams scheduled so that other sexual health issues can be discovered.

Time for You to Ask Questions

At the end of your appointment is your time to talk to your doctor about the questions that you have. There are a lot of things that you may want to ask your gynecologist, from disease prevention to how you may want to go about cleaning your private area. There is no question that they haven’t been asked before, so don’t be shy about it – they are there to help educate you and allow you to learn what is necessary so that you can be healthy and stay healthy, no matter what comes along.

Your first appointment will likely last about an hour or so, depending on what tests you need to get done and how you may want to take care of things. As you work out the details at your appointment and get the care that you need, you can feel more comfortable and know that you’ve got the resources so that you can be healthier than ever.