Unspoken Rules of Weed Smoking

Although the rules may not be written anywhere in a book that stoners pass around to one another, they are there and people who consume the herb are expected to know the rules and abide by them as well. If you’re new to the wonderful world of marijuana consumption, you may not be so familiar with the unspoken rules, although you’ve likely heard people mention them a time or two before. But, you don’t have to worry because you will learn the unspoken rules of marijuana smoking here and can leave those worries behind.

Choose a Dispensary

Since marijuana is now legal for recreational means in Washington, it is much easier to buy the herb that you’ll consume these days than it was in times before. Choose a good recreational dispensary in Seattle and the endless selection of strains and products will put a smile on your face. The never-ending supply of marijuana ensures that your fun time awaits whenever the mood strikes.

The Rules

The first rule of smoking is that whoever rolls it, lights it. You can only imagine that if it is your herb, you want the first hit so don’t be greedy and make sure this person has the chance to inhale the good stuff before it is passed.

Beyoncé Said it Best

To the left, to the left, like our beautiful Beyoncé said, but this time it is going left with the marijuana. When it is time to pass, most people rotate the joint in a counterclockwise motion so you pass to the left.  Make sure to follow this golden rule when smoking.

Stop Telling Stories

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but telling stories while smoking just isn’t cool. It causes you to hold the marijuana longer and this causes everyone at the party to feel the heat. Save those wonderful stories until after you’ve smoked and the herb has time to kick in and settle.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Notice that it doesn’t say puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, pass. So many people rudely take way too many hits off the joint when it is their turn to smoke. Don’t be one of those people and ruin it for everyone else. Puff, puff, pass and everyone gets a fair share of marijuana to enjoy.


Don’t show up to a smoking party without a contribution. It is only proper etiquette that you contribute to the stash if you are going to partake. When everyone pitches in to the stash, there is more smoke to go around.

Final Thoughts

recreational dispensary in SeattleBeyoncé

There are many rules of smoking that you won’t find written down anywhere but should be closely followed in order to ensure that you maintain smoker’s etiquette the proper way. The tips here are some of the unspoken rules that you should learn, remember and follow. Use this information to your advantage and each and every smoking session that you have will be the absolute best.